Agile Conferences 2020


It’s time to unleash the Requisite Agility (RA)
of your organization

7th  - 9th December 2021
9:30 am - 4:00 pm daily (US Eastern Time) | Live online

Requisite Agility Moves Us Beyond Agile

RA is doing what is required, based on what your customers and stakeholders need and value.
This conference unleashes the four realms of Requisite Agility.



Agility can only be scaled and sustained across the organization through leaders who can sustain balance within an agile organization.



Learn how to sense and transcend the flaws baked in attempts to scale Agile beyond teams, such as those to be found in SAFe, LeSS and Scrum of Scrums.



Learn how to sense and transcend the fatal flaws baked in attempts to scale Agile, such as SAFe, LeSS and Scrum of Scrums.


Business and Team Agility can work for a while, but ultimately they will stall and fail unless you and your organization are anticipating and transforming through non-linear market and environmental changes.

The agility of leaders is in sustaining balance between the rates of change in team, business and societal agility. Failure occurs when these four realms of Requisite Agility are kept separate.

The agility of leaders is in sustaining balance between the rates of change in team, business and societal agility. Failure occurs when these four realms of Requisite Agility are kept separate.

The RA Unleashed Conference brings together thought leaders from across the world. They will share their experiences across these four realms of agility. They will share their practices in applying the five first principles of RA. McKinsey studies report that 70% - 80% of transformation change efforts fail. The real rate of failure is likely to be much higher because many do not acknowledge or report failures, for fear of repercussions. How do you ensure you are in the 20% - 30% of successful transformational change?

What to Expect

Scaling Requisite Agility

Learn how to move beyond the constraints of current forms of agile thinking. How to scale agility based on how ‘requisite’ is understood for each function, team and realm.

Sensing and Shaping Transitions

Transforming how you create value in order to see and seize not-yet-imagined opportunities and how to surface the blind-spots and unconscious biases that result in 70 — 80% failure of change initiatives.

Applying Reflective Action

Aligning and Synchronizing the changes that need to be made internally with changes taking place in the environment, with current and future customers.

Tapping Collaborative Intelligence

How to move beyond teamwork and the hidden risks of groupthink, and drive innovation through the white space in the organization.

Being Transdisciplinary

How to question the attachment to existing ways of thinking and burst through the silo's that trap the power of the white space, the hidden potential that exists between groups,.

Transforming Culture through Servant Leadership

Applying Leadership in ways that go beyond mimicking predetermined behaviors in pursuing the creation of value. How to cultivate an authentic, productive culture..

What is Requisite Agility (RA)?

  • The term requisite derives from the relation to practice implied by the Sanskrit term Rta which means "Right Action".
  • Requisite is doing what is absolutely "required" in creating value without excess cost, time, energy or thought.
  • Requisite is the value-creating mission, the reason for being. In tune with customer, and stakeholder needs and requirements.
  • Agility is about being able to work with complexity. Agility is more than just speed.
    It is about pausing to reflect, or even do nothing in order to shift direction and required acceleration.
  • Agility is about being inside time. Agility is more than just speed. It is about pausing to reflect, or even do nothing in order to shift direction and required acceleration.
  • Agility is a capacity that applies to every realm and function. Agility can be scaled. Agile, cannot.

The Importance of Unleashing Requisite Agility

  • Agile works in operational, front-line teams. Agile does not scale and work in other areas because middle management and senior executive work is not the same as a group of programmers in IT.
  • RA enables you to scale Agility across every area of your business, based on what is understood as "requisite" or required in each unique area.


The focus is not going to be on consulting jargon, matrix diagrams or products to be sold. Instead, we will share Stories of rolling up our sleeves and envisaging a new future using plain, simple English.

Luis GallardoWorld Happiness Foundation

Luis Gallardo

World Happiness Foundation

Luis Gallardo is shaping the future of learning and being as Interim Executive Director at No Barriers. And by being the Founder of the World Happiness Foundation, of bē, The TEOH LAb, The World Happiness Fest, and World Happiness Academy. And by sitting on the Advisory Board at Trans Tech Technology Lab, UMindfulness, Innergy, and GivDay. Former CMO of the Financial Services Vertical at Adtalem Global Education. And former President of the EMEA Brand Marketing Practice at Burson-Marsteller and Global Brand Strategy Director at BAV Consulting, both part of Young & Rubicam Group, WPP. A Global Brand, Marketing & Communications expert in the areas of strategic brand management, brand engagement, brand expression, marketing, communications, and reputation management. Former Managing Director of Global Brand & Marketing at Deloitte (Global CMO). In this role, Luis provided leadership to Deloitte’s member firm marketing and communications network (more than 3,000 Marketing and Communications professionals) in 150 countries.

Scott W. AmblerProject Management Institute

Scott W. Ambler

Project Management Institute

I am the co-founder of Disciplined Agile (DA), which was acquired by Project Management Institute (PMI) in August 2019. The DA tool kit is the world’s only comprehensive agile body of knowledge (BOK) that provides straightforward and practical guidance to help individuals, teams and enterprises choose their “way of working” in a context-specific way. Together, PMI and DA offer a unique and unparalleled value proposition to stakeholders who are committed to improving their personal, team and enterprise agility.

Benjamin P. TaylorRedquadrant

Benjamin P. Taylor


I'm an adviser, consultant, coach, lecturer and speaker with wide experience in service organisations and local public service. I'm excited by international, innovative, interesting opportunities.

Virginia HoldenVirginia Holden Associate

Virginia Holden

Virginia Holden Associate

As a seasoned board level Sales and Partner director. I achieve results whether that is end to end sales transformation EMEA (Kelly Services) delivering over 200% over budget, to launching entirely new EMEA business channels £100m within 12 months (HPE) or developing from zero entire partner organisations that deliver significant increases in profitability globally (Ricoh.) My career journey could define portfolio. Ten years blue chip manufacturing with P&G and Mars. Five years M&A WestLB then finally 15 years, HW, SW, GSI in IT. From researching and developing smart systems to pitching and then developing ‘bag for life’ to driving Cultural change through technology and learning with Microsoft DB, BT and DHL. These experiences give me a unique depth of cross-industry and cross-cultural perspective; with a HOW we do this. By applying key scientific and psychological principles to the sales, partner and the transformation process, I have created a data-driven approach that delivers impressive results. I am always a force for positive change, able to bring fresh insight to tough challenges – with a talent for developing innovative strategies, people and deploying them with global impact. Currently, I work with Ricoh building from scratch their global partners, program and deployment.

Katz KielyBEEP

Katz Kiely


Katz Kiely is an award-winning digital transformation expert and culture architect. Over a 20 year career, she has worked with the worlds biggest companies through lasting change including designing the first open innovation platform for HP, rearchitecting the way a UN agency does business and designing a city scale behaviour change platform with Intel. She is now CEO of beep: a platform that embeds the mindsets and behaviours that drive customer centricity by unlocking the problem solving potential of people. She believes doing good is good business, is Chair of Trustees for Frontline.Live and a proud ambassador of the Burning Man Foundation.

Dr Philip BoxerBoxer Research Ltd

Dr Philip Boxer

Boxer Research Ltd

I bring over 30 years of consulting experience to my work, helping clients in public, private and not-for-profit sectors. My expertise is in supporting the development of clients’ capabilities for competing in highly networked environments, using approaches that enable clients to increase their agility and their ability to scale learning across network organisations. My practice is focused on the client’s development of deep insight while tackling difficult challenges. It has helped Boards, CEO’s and senior managers create the conditions for their organisations to manage new kinds of risk, improve bottom-line performance and realize edge-driven strategies. The focus of my research is on the changing place of the organisation within its ecosystems.

Bjarte BogsnesBogsnes Advisory

Bjarte Bogsnes

Bogsnes Advisory

I have more than 25 years of Beyond Budgeting experience, having worked in both Finance and HR. I have been heading up two Beyond Budgeting implementations, at Borealis and then Statoil (now Equinor). I am Chairman of the Beyond Budgeting Roundtable, and I have helped numerous companies globally getting started on their own Beyond Budgeting journey. I have 20 year of leadership experience, much of the time outside of my home country Norway. "Implementing Beyond Budgeting - Unlocking the Performance Potential - 2nd edition" (Wiley US 2016) is the story about my on Beyond Budgeting journey. Check out my award winning Harvard Business Review/McKinsey Management Innovation article:, or

Kashmir BirkThe True North

Kashmir Birk

The True North

Kashmir helps clients make the most of and create more time, energy, and money, by doing less. He draws out each client's True North, defines strategic and operational priorities, and then apply what is necessary from Systems Thinking, TPS, The Way, Agile, Requisite, Lean, Socio-Technical Systems, NLP, Appreciate Inquiry, Open Space, Conferencing, Co-Active Coaching or Design Thinking to help them get there.

Dr Darren StevensCognilibro

Dr Darren Stevens


Cogitandi Mea Intentio Est, Ergo Sum - which means, my thinking has intention, therefore I am. Bold move to try to improve on Descartes... Whether you are an SME or a global leader, we cannot react to the current complexities of 2021 without increasing our capacity to think in the moment. Navigating perpetual, pervasive and exponential change is the true test of effective leadership, and we can achieve this by growing our Dynamic Intelligence. Leaders, teams and organisations that are able to adapt to this change will flourish. Together, we can grow our thinking to adapt to the challenges ahead.

Manu SethSpeaking Mindz Inc

Manu Seth

Speaking Mindz Inc

Manu Seth, Founder, CEO (Speaking Mindz Inc.), is a renowned International Business Strategy Leader, builder, advisor and International cross border trade | Business Expansion consultant. One of the major hats he wears is Chairman : ASSOCHAM, INDIA ( Jharkhand Environment State Development Council), FICCI INDIA – Start Up Committee, apart from leading many global Multinationals like – HTC, Motorola Mobility , BlackBerry ( RIM- Research In Motion) and many Sports - Soccer and cricket league’s. Being a ROTARIAN he also represents India at CEO Club Networks as ? International Business Consultant | INDIAN Ambassador, International Partner- WBAF ( World Business Angels Investment forum), Ambassador Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club, Leaders Excellence Member – Harvard Sqaure and also is a World Peace Ambassador and Hope Ambassador too. In addition working closely with many other Trade Promotional Councils across Korea, Taiwan, Russia, Panama, Africa and London. A strong communicator, Leadership style is to add the energy to the team and encourage innovative thinking and being Agile. Motivated, dynamic business leader with 27+ years of experience, launched and implemented business strategies for organizations, business conglomerates and business visionaries to scale, sustain and grow, have the tools, knowledge and networks that are necessary for success across the globe.

Dave SnowdenCognitive Edge

Dave Snowden

Cognitive Edge

I am currently working on the application of natural sciences to social systems through the development of a range of methods and the SenseMaker® software suite. I started work in an NGO post University and then moved onto HR & Training in the late 70s when I started work with computers. That together with a diploma from The Certified Accountants got me a job as Development Accountant in the same firm where I headed up the Treasury function and was responsible for computerisation. An MBA in financial management saw me move into consultancy and software designing decision support systems in what became Data Sciences where I became a General Manager (creating MURCO) and the Corporate Business Development Manager where I created the Genus Programme (an integration of JAD/RAD, Object Orientation and Legacy Management) which was one of the main components in the turn around of that company. IBM acquired the company 1997 and after than my more public career started.

Patricia Kong

Patricia Kong

Patricia Kong is co-author of "The Nexus Framework for Scaling Scrum" published by Pearson and a well-known public speaker and mentor. She is a co-developer of the Evidence-Based Management Framework for Business Agility and Nexus Framework for Scaling Scrum and a course developer. Patricia helps organizations thrive in a complex world by focusing on enterprise innovation and leadership and teams. She is a people advocate and fascinated by organizational behavior and misbehaviors. She emerged through the financial services industry and has led product development, product management and marketing for several early stage companies in the US and Europe. Patricia is experienced working with 1$B+ clients focusing on business development and delivery engagements. Patricia lived in France and now lives in her hometown of Boston. Patricia is fluent in 4 languages.

Sunil Mundra Thoughtworks

Sunil Mundra


Sunil Mundra is a Principal Consultant-Advisory at Thoughtworks. He has 3 decades of rich experience, which includes holding leadership positions in listed companies and start ups, and extensive international experience in consulting with organizations in areas of Agile transformation and coaching leaders to develop Adaptive Leadership mindset.. He has worked with senior executives in large enterprises, including MNCs, as a trusted Advisor, to shape and execute the roadmap for change, to improve collaboration between Business and Technology functions and to coach IT delivery teams to adopt Agile ways of working. He is also highly experience in conducting Agile Maturity Assessments. Sunil is the author of the book ‘Enterprise Agility-Being Agile in a Changing World’. The book was ranked # 1 in Amazon’s Hot New Releases in 2 categories.

Pia-Maria ThorénAgile People

Pia-Maria Thorén

Agile People

Pia-Maria is the author of Agile People - A Radical Approach for HR and Managers (That Leads to Motivated Employees), and the founder of Agile People. Agile People is a global network of people who work to improve workplaces by helping HR and leaders to attain an agile mindset for the future of work by using agile tools, methods, values, and principles. Pia-Maria specializes in helping companies move towards a culture of increased agility through Agile HR, Agile leadership, and Motivation. Her main focus is to contribute to creating organizations where people perform better and feel engaged. Her main drive is to see the movement from one state to another in a company, contributing by making that change successful both from a financial and human perspective. Special focus areas: Agile People (Agile HR AND Agile Leadership), Agile Culture Journeys, Performance development, Employee engagement & motivation (Reiss Motivation Profile), workshop facilitation, event moderation, and professional speaking.

Sathpal SinghFuture of Work Scotland

Sathpal Singh

Future of Work Scotland

Starting my career as a Software Engineer after graduating with a BEng(Hons) in Computer Science from the University of Edinburgh, I moved from technical hands-on roles into management and leadership roles and have 20 years of professional experience across the public, private and voluntary sectors and have led numerous cross-functional teams and departments. I have also been responsible for a number of complex and high profile digital programs and transformation initiatives working across a number of sectors, notably travel and tourism, energy and the drinks industry with global brands and international clients. I am currently devoted to Engineering Practice & Culture in the financial services sector and also operate as an independent consultant in the agile delivery and digital transformation domains, and hold a number of Agile and technical certifications. I also have years of experience in digital and hold a Diploma in Digital Marketing from the IDM. I am a Chartered Manager (CMgr), Chartered IT Practitioner (CITP) and a Fellow of the Learning & Performance Institute (FLPI). I am an active supporter and contributor to the work of both the British Computer Society (BCS), the industry body for IT and the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). I act as a mentor and assessor for the former and sit on the Scotland board of the latter.

Eve SimonLeadership Salon

Eve Simon

Leadership Salon

Eve is an international career & leadership COACH, organizational development STRATEGIST and communications specialist. She is known for her creative system mindset, LEARNING JOURNEY'S as well as solid (interim-)management. Her passion is to create a new work environment where people can thrive & organizations profitably succeed in an ever-evolving world. Her focus today is Innovation, Leadership & Women Empowerment combined with savvy and progressive internal communication.

Alex Birke Accenture | SolutionsIQ

Alex Birke

Accenture | SolutionsIQ

I am interested in organizational design, what makes people tick, change and transformation, psychology, lean-agile, business agility, leadership, coaching. I studied computer science and psychology and work as a trainer, coach, and consultant. I gained experience in organizations by leading teams and projects in large-scale IT initiatives. For the last 10+ years, I have co-created and advised on change initiatives in large companies. I am passionate about designing organizations that enable and engage people to create fulfilling job environments allowing organizations to grow beyond their former limits.

Dr. Stefanie PuckettPsychology4Agility

Dr. Stefanie Puckett


 Dr. Stefanie is a psychologist with research background, who lived and worked globally for several consulting companies, as manager in regional and in global roles for a Fortune 500 company. With Psychology4Agility she coaches executives, and supports individuals, teams and organizations in their transformation to a future-proof way of working. Stefanie has written several books about agile leadership and culture as well as about psychology, leadership and the future of work. Titles include “Agile leadership - leadership competencies for the agile transformation” and “The agile culture code”. From a psychological perspective she analyses the people, leadership and culture side of why and how agility works in organizations.

Geordie KeittStructures of Work

Geordie Keitt

Structures of Work

Deeply curious innovator with over 25 years in software design and development. Consultant, trainer, and coach specializing in unlocking top-to-bottom team agility and power by syncing up solvers and stakeholders at every level of your organization.

Marti KonstanKonstant Change

Marti Konstan

Konstant Change

Marti Konstant is a workplace futurist and the best-selling author of “Activate Your Agile Career.” She has an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and is a former technology executive that has worked in Silicon Valley. As a Top Career Influencer, she has been featured in media outlets such as NBC Chicago, Forbes, and The Muse, and has worked in companies like Samsung, Dow Jones and Apple. Marti is an expert in applying agile principles to workforce development.

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