Agile Conferences 2020


It’s time to unleash the Requisite Agility (RA)
of your organization

18th - 19th November,  2021

Requisite Agility Moves Us Beyond Agile

RA is doing what is required, based on what your customers and stakeholders need and value.
This conference unleashes the four realms of Requisite Agility.


Agility can only be scaled and sustained across the organization through conscious leaders, who create a conscious organization.


This is the space where Agile, Lean and SCRUM were designed to function. Once teams have grown through Agile and hit a plateau, they need to turn to RA to grow.


Learn how to sense and transcend the fatal flaws baked in attempts to scale Agile, such as SAFe, LeSS and Scrum of Scrums.


Business and Team Agility can work for a while, but ultimately they will stall and fail unless you and your organization are anticipating and transforming through non-linear market and environmental changes.

The agility of conscious leaders is the sum of the rate of change in team, business and societal agility. Failure occurs when these four realms of Requisite Agility are kept separate.

The RA Unleashed Conference brings together thought leaders from across the world. They will share their experiences across these four realms of requisite agility. They will share practical ways to apply the five first principles of RA. McKinsey studies report that 70% - 80% of transformation change efforts fail. The real rate of failure is likely to be much higher because many do not acknowledge or report failures, for fear of repercussions. How do you ensure you are in the 20% - 30% of successful transformational change?

What to Expect

Scaling Requisite Agility

Learn how to move beyond the constraints of agile thinking. How to scale agility based on what is requisite for each function, team and level.

Sensing and Shaping Transitions

Transforming how you think in order to see and seize unimagined opportunities and how to surface the blind-spots and unconscious biases that result in 70 – 80% failure of change initiatives.

Applying Reflective Action

Synchronizing the changes that need to be made internally with changes taking place in the environment, with current and future customers.

Tapping Collaborative Intelligence

How to move beyond teamwork and the hidden risks of collective intelligence, and drive innovation through the white space in the organization.

Being Transdisciplinary

How to transcend the attachment to existing ways of thinking and burst through the silo’s that trap the power of the white space, the hidden potential that exists between groups.

Transforming Culture through Servant Leadership

Applying Servant Leadership in ways that go beyond mimicking predetermined behaviors.How to cultivate an authentic, productive culture.

What is Requisite Agility (RA)?

  • The term requisite derives from the Sanskrit term Ṛta which means “Right Action”.
  • Requisite is doing what is absolutely “required” without excess cost, time, energy or thought.
  • Requisite is the mission. The True North. The reason for being. In tune with customer, and stakeholder needs and requirements.
  • Agility is about being inside time. Agility is more than just speed.
    It is about pausing to reflect, or even do nothing in order to shift direction and required acceleration.
  • Agility is about being inside time. Agility is more than just speed. It is about pausing to reflect, or even do nothing in order to shift direction and required acceleration.
  • Agilty is a capacity that applies to every level and function. Agility can be scaled. Agile, cannot.

The Importance of Unleashing Requisite Agility

  • Agile works in operational, front-line teams Agile does not scale and work in other areas because middle management and senior executive work is not the same as a group of programmers in IT.
  • RA enables you to scale Agility across every area of your business, based on what is “requisite” or required in each unique area.


The focus is not going to be on consulting jargon, matrix diagrams or products to be sold. Instead, we will share Stories of rolling up our sleeves and envisaging a new future using plain, simple English.

Dr. Stephen ClementOrganizational Design Inc

Dr. Stephen Clement

Organizational Design Inc

Dr. Stephen D. Clement is co-author of It's All About Work, Organizing Your Company To Get Work Done and is the founder and president of Organizational Design Inc.

Pierre E. NEISAgile2 GMBH

Pierre E. NEIS

Agile2 GMBH

Certified Agile Coach & Trainer ▪︎ Organizational Architect ▪︎ Venture Facilitator

Benjamin P. TaylorRedquadrant

Benjamin P. Taylor


I'm an adviser, consultant, coach, lecturer and speaker with wide experience in service organisations and local public service. I'm excited by international, innovative, interesting opportunities.

Diana LarsenAgile Fluency® Project

Diana Larsen

Agile Fluency® Project

A visionary pragmatist, Diana Larsen is Chief Connector at the Agile Fluency® Project, where we hold a vision of an inspiring future: “Every agile software teams practices Agile Software Development at a level of fluent proficiency that specifically fits their businesses’ needs.”

Sabine Neuenschwanderagilist. cooperative

Sabine Neuenschwander

agilist. cooperative

It is my passion to move people and organizations forward to their best potential and performance!

Geordie KeittKeitt Consulting Group, LLC

Geordie Keitt

Keitt Consulting Group, LLC

Deeply curious innovator with over 25 years in software design and development. Consultant, trainer, and coach specializing in unlocking top-to-bottom team agility and power by syncing up solvers and stakeholders at every level of your organization.

Jan De VischConnect and Transform

Jan De Visch

Connect and Transform

Jan De Visch has more than 30 years of experience managing transformational change processes and general HR functions. He coaches teams and companies towards exponential growth and more fluid organizational structures. He refined the Work Levels Model, which helps your organization to stay relevant to its customers and to enable you to achieve sustainable breakthrough levels of performance year after year.

Patrick HoverstadtFractal

Patrick Hoverstadt


I do consultancy mainly in organisation design, strategy, business architecture and organisational change using systems approaches. I've developed a set of methodologies that provide different approaches for: organisational change, performance management, strategic risk, strategy, partnership governance and organisational agility.

Padmini NidumoluLean In Agile

Padmini Nidumolu

Lean In Agile

I'm a results driven, collaborative and passionate Enterprise Lean transformation coach. As a lifelong learner with a strong commitment to the Lean Agile community, I co-created “Lean In Agile” for Women which is an initiative to amplify the voices of women and celebrate the journeys of thought leaders.

Lindsay UittenbogaardDirector Mirror Mirror

Lindsay Uittenbogaard

Director Mirror Mirror

I run Mirror Mirror: a comprehensive organizational alignment diagnostic tool and process in one. Based on research in the social sciences, it helps people align with the vision and strategy of the organization, as well as with each other. Tried and tested, the process improves ownership, engagement, effectiveness, and results.

Dawna JonesInSight Out Consulting Inc

Dawna Jones

InSight Out Consulting Inc

Companies work hard to adapt to meet almost imperceptible fast-changing realities, but the chaos in the transformation can knock many back to BAU (business as usual), frustrating efforts. Getting past learned limitations and tapping into deep levels of human ingenuity makes navigating complexity much easier.

Renee SinghSacred Life Foundation

Renee Singh

Sacred Life Foundation

Renee runs Motivational company called MIND POWER, training executives from the corporate world in leadership skills and also training them for high-performance levels at work, stress management, etc. that have been conducted in all major metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, London and many of the major cities in the USA. She is also a columnist for various publications and now she writes a column on stress management called Stress Buster. She was the past President of CESA & the President of the British Council Readers Club.

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