Agile Conferences 2020
Agile Conferences 2020


18th June to 10th of July, 2020

It's time to create The Days After!

The purpose of this RA Discovery Event is for all of us to rally together to envisage the future of organisations and leadership, together. Rather than find ways to avoid or deny turbulence and chaos, RA taps the energy in change and puts it to use in the required or necessary transformation. It is not agility for the sake of agility or being a slave to a particular guru, theory, model, cure for all. It is all of us using the time we have now to create the new future on the day after and beyond!

The online Journey begins with 2 days of Discovery, followed by 12 days of Exploration integrating the insights emerging from the community of participation, and finished with 3 days of Activation led by PMI’s Scott Ambler. The goal of the 3 panel discussions is to create a bridge, that moves the two weeks of sharing discoveries and explorations into real life activation.

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What to Expect

Transdisciplinary Vision

Learn to combine transdisciplinary interventions with the unique perspective to create the groundwork for a new coherent, accessible and inclusive paradigm that we call RA

Continued Learning

Draw on the insights of other disciplines making it possible to study multifaceted global-scale business issues in a holistic fashion, deploying various perspectives at multiple levels and across spatial and temporal dimensions

Solve Complex Problems

Solve complex problems by combining scientific systems knowledge, societal target knowledge and political transformation knowledge

Convenience and Flexibility

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New COVID-Aware Format

The Event is a new long-form style designed for safety, community, networking, and participation

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The importance of Requisite Agility

Requisite Agility is:
Requisite: "Made necessary by particular circumstances"
Agility: “the ability to successfully adapt to, cope with, or leverage changing situations”

Requisite Agility enables individuals, teams and organisations to grow through turbulence and chaos, in today’s complex, uncertain, rapidly changing world.

Current multi-disciplinary organization theory takes a "many-hats" approach to views of org structure and operations making integration hard. RA takes a trans-disciplinary approach to reconciling frameworks and enabling the best discipline-specific constructs to interact and scaffold each other holistically into a new coherent whole. RA will always be at the beginning, always curious, always searching, learning, engaging, co-creating, evolving, because we fundamentally believe this is the way of nature and the way we should be.

The need for Discovery

This RA Discovery Event is a call to action to use the time we have now to be ready to create the new future on the day after and beyond!

The goal is to take the time we have now to design the way organizations and leadership will be renewed in this new decade we are in. Some of these changes will be changes that will emerge from this current global crisis, but it will also include changes that needed to take place in any case.

“Creativity comes from anguish
as the day comes from the dark night”

Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Preparing for #TheDaysAfter will move our energy into a productive and positive space. And the best way to do this is together while we have the time.

Without the dark, we'd never see the stars

While it remains crucially important being busy with our new routines of social distancing, cleaning hands and sanitization, we also need a break from the continuous news-cycle of negativity, to avoid burnout.

#TheDayAfter is a positive discovery event. It has been designed to be high participation. It will allow you to channel fears, doubt, anxieties and boredom into a productive end.

We are going to get through to the other side of the curve. This RA Discovery Event moves us into the future. We will rally with each other to create hope, by being positive as we envisage and prepare for the new world, together.


Each presentation will conclude with a brief Q&A so people can raise questions. We will not be attempting to answer all questions for all participants at the session. This is why we are calling this a discovery session. This is because it is not about a bunch of expert spouting wisdom at the ignorant. The presenter is going to be offering invitations for new ways of thinking and working. We want to engage the participants (they are not an audience, they are participating in a change event) to think for themselves, what does RA mean and over the 3 weeks’ period that follow this event, we will continue the conversation through blogs, webinars and other online events.The first two parts of the New Realities Journey begin with Discovery Sessions, followed by Explorations. Following these events, there will be retrospectives held by the 12 Explorers and the RA Core Team, to pull together all that was learned through the RA New Realities Journey.
The final part of the program will be THE ACTIVATION of New Realities. This will move us from co-discovery and imagining the future to co-creating the future.
The Activation of the New Realities will consist of 3 sets of panel discussions.
The panels will be composed of four of the Explorers from the New Realities Journey.

All three panels will be hosted by Scott Ambler, Vice President – Chief Scientist of Disciplined Agile at Project Management Institute.


The focus is not going to be on consulting jargon, matrix diagrams or products to be sold. Instead, we will share Stories of rolling up our sleeves and envisaging a new future using plain, simple English.

Dr. Stephen ClementOrganizational Design Inc

Dr. Stephen Clement

Organizational Design Inc

Dr. Stephen D. Clement is co-author of It's All About Work, Organizing Your Company To Get Work Done and is the founder and president of Organizational Design Inc.

Pierre E. NEISAgile2 GMBH

Pierre E. NEIS

Agile2 GMBH

Certified Agile Coach & Trainer ▪︎ Organizational Architect ▪︎ Venture Facilitator

Benjamin P. TaylorRedquadrant

Benjamin P. Taylor


I'm an adviser, consultant, coach, lecturer and speaker with wide experience in service organisations and local public service. I'm excited by international, innovative, interesting opportunities.

Diana LarsenAgile Fluency® Project

Diana Larsen

Agile Fluency® Project

A visionary pragmatist, Diana Larsen is Chief Connector at the Agile Fluency® Project, where we hold a vision of an inspiring future: “Every agile software teams practices Agile Software Development at a level of fluent proficiency that specifically fits their businesses’ needs.”

Sabine Neuenschwanderagilist. cooperative

Sabine Neuenschwander

agilist. cooperative

It is my passion to move people and organizations forward to their best potential and performance!

Geordie KeittKeitt Consulting Group, LLC

Geordie Keitt

Keitt Consulting Group, LLC

Deeply curious innovator with over 25 years in software design and development. Consultant, trainer, and coach specializing in unlocking top-to-bottom team agility and power by syncing up solvers and stakeholders at every level of your organization.

Jan De VischConnect and Transform

Jan De Visch

Connect and Transform

Jan De Visch has more than 30 years of experience managing transformational change processes and general HR functions. He coaches teams and companies towards exponential growth and more fluid organizational structures. He refined the Work Levels Model, which helps your organization to stay relevant to its customers and to enable you to achieve sustainable breakthrough levels of performance year after year.

Patrick HoverstadtFractal

Patrick Hoverstadt


I do consultancy mainly in organisation design, strategy, business architecture and organisational change using systems approaches. I've developed a set of methodologies that provide different approaches for: organisational change, performance management, strategic risk, strategy, partnership governance and organisational agility.

Padmini NidumoluLean In Agile

Padmini Nidumolu

Lean In Agile

I'm a results driven, collaborative and passionate Enterprise Lean transformation coach. As a lifelong learner with a strong commitment to the Lean Agile community, I co-created “Lean In Agile” for Women which is an initiative to amplify the voices of women and celebrate the journeys of thought leaders.

Lindsay UittenbogaardDirector Mirror Mirror

Lindsay Uittenbogaard

Director Mirror Mirror

I run Mirror Mirror: a comprehensive organizational alignment diagnostic tool and process in one. Based on research in the social sciences, it helps people align with the vision and strategy of the organization, as well as with each other. Tried and tested, the process improves ownership, engagement, effectiveness, and results.

Dawna JonesInSight Out Consulting Inc

Dawna Jones

InSight Out Consulting Inc

Companies work hard to adapt to meet almost imperceptible fast-changing realities, but the chaos in the transformation can knock many back to BAU (business as usual), frustrating efforts. Getting past learned limitations and tapping into deep levels of human ingenuity makes navigating complexity much easier.

Renee SinghSacred Life Foundation

Renee Singh

Sacred Life Foundation

Renee runs Motivational company called MIND POWER, training executives from the corporate world in leadership skills and also training them for high-performance levels at work, stress management, etc. that have been conducted in all major metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, London and many of the major cities in the USA. She is also a columnist for various publications and now she writes a column on stress management called Stress Buster. She was the past President of CESA & the President of the British Council Readers Club.

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Here is how the RA Discovery Event will be different from typical, traditional conferences.

Exploring Realities

Exploring Realities

There will be no presenters or audience. Everyone is going to be a participant in an open dialogue about the new future we want to create.

New Focus

New Focus

The focus is not going to be on consulting jargon, matrix diagrams or products to be sold. Instead, we will share Stories of rolling up our sleeves and envisaging a new future using plain, simple English.

The Journey

The Journey

The online Journey begins with 2 days of Discovery, followed by 12 days of Exploration integrating the insights emerging from the community of participation.

Support your Employees for The Days After

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The Flow

The Discovery sessions each last 3.5 hours. Our speakers will present six 30-minute sessions. Each session will begin with a 10-15-minute invitation to new ways of thinking about leadership, in the form of a story. These segments will be prerecorded to free the session leader to facilitate the online conversation tracking questions and ideas raised by participants. For the remainder of the session participants will dig into the story and together develop intuition about the principles presented. This input will form the basis of the Exploration webinars making up the full long-form Journey.

The Explorations each last about 1 hour every weekday in a rhythmic meditative cadence. Speakers will follow the threads and energies of the participants in the forums and on the original Discovery calls.

The sessions will draw from multiple disciplines such as agile, scrum, lean, viable systems, complexity sciences, stratified systems, systems thinking, design thinking, chaos theory while challenging participants to transcend disciplines. One of the cornerstones of Requisite Agility is to apply agility based on what is required, not a predefined solution.

Sponsors and Partners

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Let us collectively step into the unknown, chaos and turbulence, together.