Getting Started

Requisite Agility is a humane approach to work in human organizations that engages team members to achieve and adapt naturally to the circumstances at hand.

There are many benefits to practicing RA. Getting started is relatively easy – choose a specific problem and team to start. Pragmatically driven in the context of real work, Requisite Agility is applied and learned by doing. Start anywhere, validate the application in your organizational context and expand naturally.

Is RA Right For My Organisation

Requisite Agility is based on essential principles of human functioning and the leading science of complex adaptive systems. Consequently, RA can be applied in any organizational context and benefits come quickly as teams see results in applying RA principles to achieve real-world results.

RA Discovery Session

During this half-day experiential workshop, you'll learn RA fundamentals, team dynamics, identify internal, non-requisite activities that block agility, and get a hands-on experience for co-creating new ways of working.


RA Experience Workshop


Test drive Requisite Agility with an in-house workshop. The RA Experience Workshop is a 2-day session designed for your executive team. You will experience the fundamental principles of RA to resolve real issues, and explore the challenges and benefits of applying RA within your organization.

RA Principle Consultants

RA Consultants & Mentors are here to offer support you on your journey, and help you figure out the best path for your organization’s unique needs. They’re experienced professionals who have led many business transformation adoptions for big and small organizations around the world. If you’re exploring adopting Requisite Agility in your organization, schedule a free consultation with us to start working through a game plan.