Requisite Agility Full Partner: $15,000

RA Full Partners make a long-term commitment to grow the movement of RA helping to foster our global competitiveness and the overall health of Requisite Agility. RA Partners are leaders representing all pillars of the RA including Academia, Innovation Organizations, Companies and Service Providers as well as future RA Providers. They will be the center of the RA’s growth strategy and implementation. As a RA Partner, you will have the opportunity to be an integral part of shaping the direction of the RA movement.  We are looking for Partners that are committed to help us develop RA over the long term. Each partnership commitment spans a three-year term, with a yearly contribution and opportunity to re-assess based on performance metrics. Partners are also encouraged to consider in-kind support.

Requisite Agility! Full Partner Benefits

  • One Seat for a CEO/SVP level executive from your organization on the RA Steering Committee
  • First choice of participation from your organization in relevant working group or subcommittee.
  • Identification of your company as Partner of RA on all materials, web assets, presentations, etc., produced by RA.
  • One opportunity per year to create specific content to highlight and promote your company or issues of relevance to your company featured on our website, marketing materials for international events, events, videos or articles, as agreed by the Partner.
  • First opportunity to advertise or to be featured within RA Connect Portal.
  • Priority invitations to participate or speak at RA events and feature events that support the RA movement while showcasing your organization at the heart of this narrative, as agreed by the Partner.
  • Discounted and unique participation opportunities in the RA movement and ecosystem events, as appropriate.

RA Event Marketing Partners: $10,000

  • Be a key Partner in planning a new event or be a part of an existing event or series, developed in conjunction with the Partner.
  • Identification of your organization as the key supporter of the event.
  • First opportunity to be featured in the RA website, at a discounted Partner rate.
  • Unique participation opportunities in RA events and ecosystem events at a discounted rate as appropriate.

The Partnership/Sponsorship includes cost of the event up to $5,000. In the event that direct costs exceed this amount, the costs will be passed along to the Partner.

RA will, to the best of our ability, work with other relevant stakeholders to support covering costs and will have the ability to attract additional, lower level sponsors to the event, upon agreement by the Partner.

RA Content Marketing Partners: $5,000

  • Depending on the needs of the Partner, create a Case Study to be featured on or advertisement on the RA website.

  • First opportunity to be featured in the RA website, at a discounted Partner rate.

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