We are happy to invite speaker proposals for the “Requisite AgilityTM Conference” that will be held on 3rd -4th September 2020 in AMA Conference Center, New York City. Our aim is to bring the world’s leading system thinkers, holistic organizational anatomists, enterprise pathologists and engineers, agile coaches, and other practitioners to share their experiences, expertise and insights and to learn from each other. This event will be a great opportunity to share experience, solutions to the most common issues and will help to identify new challenges in the field.

Speakers are invited to present on topics to inspire dialogue about the characteristics and design of organizations - of all types and scale - that will best meet the challenges for this century. Presentations may address the topic from a transdisciplinary approach, including but not limited to systems thinking, design thinking, human dynamics, anthropo-complexity, leadership, adult development, and requisite organization, agile, business agility etc that capture or embody the intention of Requisite AgilityTM.


Suggested Topic Descriptions

  • How would you describe 21st century organizations as a whole in structural or com-positional terms? 

  • What makes the layers / functions / elements function as an integrated whole? 

  • What makes the parts work together so harmoniously (or not)? 

  • What intellectual frameworks are appropriate (and which not) for understanding organizing and are requisite for agility?

  • If we speak about change / transformation , which of the dimensions do we see as a figure (/driver) and which are ground in the process of emergence? 

  • What’s our idea about the patterns of influence of one process on the other?

  • How might we describe the impact of emergence on the structural aspects of the critical relationships? 

  • Which overriding relationships are influencing the emergence? How does that take place?

  • What would be the best way to test the limits of the RA system(s) we are considering? 

  • Which of the systems that we might consider has more significant potential to contribute to an RA transformation?

  •  How do the different subsystems (current organization and desired organization) enhance or weaken each other? 

  • What precisely does it mean to “coordinate” the two systems when we are speaking about coordination an RA transformation project?

Five Possibilities of Participation

Keynote - 45-minute keynotes are by invitation only, but if you have a keynote suggestion, let us know.
Talk - 30-minute "TED-style" short presentation on the selected topic - this is the core of the conference (we are looking for narrow and deep talks; you can apply for multiple slots if you like to cover more).
Case study - 45-minute case study session describing the real experience and examples  (focus, go right to the point, share what worked well, but also what did not work).
Workshop/Game - 60-minute interactive sessions, play & fun required! (space is very limited; we only have a few workshops accepted).


Panel Discussions -These Panel discussions will be very focused on specific themes that fit the RA intention with 4 to 5 guests and will be open to audience engagement.



These are important dates to keep in mind if you want to send us your proposal:

2nd April Call for Speaker Opening
16th May Call for Speaker closure
By May 26th Communication to the speaker of the acceptance of the proposals (or non-acceptance)
By May 29th Final confirmation of your participation by the speaker
By June 2nd Publication of the list of speakers
1st August Publication of the complete program with assigned times and rooms

September 3rd and September 4th – Requisite Agility Conference 2020!

We are looking for content appealing to:

C-suites, Heads, VIP's, Directors, and Managers of:


Organization Design
Change and Transformation
Business Capability
Human Resources
Business Performance

Compensation for the Speakers

Speakers at RA Conference will have a great opportunity to present their ideas and experiences in front of the international audience with a broad spectrum of people from different companies and positions.

Description Main Presenter Co-Presenter (if any)
Special Invitation to Congruence event ( invitation only) to be held 4th of December , 2020
Promotion on the conference web site and social media

Furthermore, your colleagues, clients, and network partners will be granted an additional discount for the conference fee.

Submitting your Proposal

Please fill in the Call for Proposal form below. You will be notified about the acceptance of your talk and/or additional comments from the reviewers. Also please feel free to suggest more talks.

Looking forward to meet you at Requisite Agility Conference.
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